May 28, 2011

Cyberpunk 2020 Character: Cassandra 2.0

This is a piece I did in pencil and tempera paints of my cyberpunk character, Cassandra. I was never happy with the facial shading, but love how the lips turned out. In fact, I have plans on cropping certain parts of this piece for later customization (in the cyberpunk vein I can assure you). I've posted about her before, but didn't share her background, cybernetics, or weapons. I played her during my groups Cyberpunk 2020 era in the mid-nineties. I rarely played female characters, but she stands out as an all-time favorite. I've decided to give her up to the 'net. Take her. Use her. But exercise caution. Like a Hayabusa with too much engine, she can take you to exhilarating heights, or flip you onto asphalt at 150 an hour. Believe me, though, in this case the juice is worth the squeeze.

Handle: Cassandra Malino
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Role: Rocker
Int: 7, Ref: 10, Tech: 6, Cool: 9, Attr: 10, Luck: 3, Ma: 6, Body: 10, Emp: 5/3, Run: 18, Leap: 4, Lift: 400
Armor: Head (1): 20, Torso (2-4): 10
Save: 10
BTM: -4
Special Abilities: Charismatic Leadership: 6
Attr: Personal Grooming: 1, Wardrobe & Style: 5
Body: Endurance: 1, Swimming: 1
Cool/Will: Streetwise: 2
Empathy: Seduction: 2/2, Persuasion & Fast Talk: 2, Perform: 5/15
Int: Awareness/Notice: 3/23, Composition: 2
Ref: Athletics: 2, Brawling: 5, Dodge & Escape: 8/21, Handgun: 8/13, Motorcycle: 2
Tech: First Aid: 2, Play Instrument (guitar): 5/13
Rep: 4
Current IP: 0
Humanity: 31
Cybernetics: Implanted Fangs HL: 3d6 Cost: 200, Smartgun Link HL: 2 Cost: 100
Clothes: Black tight jeans, purple leather motorcycle jacket, stilettos.
Hair: Jet black, long, straight.
Affectations: Tattooes (circuitry on inner wrist)
Ethnicity: Asian/Caucasian
Language: English
Family Background & Motivations
Cassandra is part of a large family with loose crime lord ties. Both of her parents are living in Arcology City. She has four sisters; three younger and two older. Cassandra worships her youngest and is concerned about the family’s ties affecting her development. Cassandra likes the next youngest, but hates the other youngest. She hates one of her older sisters because she is participating more and more with her crime lord father. Cassandra is uncaring about her oldest sister, who moved off planet years ago.
Cassandra is usually friendly and outgoing, but values no more than her youngest sister. Constantly learning, Cassandra frequently downloads informative texts and encyclopedic entries rather than watching pop shows. She sees other people as tools used to advance her own budding career as a rock star. Her most valued possession is her Armalite 44; a weapon that has saved her life more than once.
Life Events
2015: Part of team that hacked local corporation offices, evaded capture.
2016: Cleared person falsely accused of rape in first solo adventure.
2018: Formed friendship with Zorbin, a high fashion designer with fingernail implants.
2020: Investigated Texan Simon Finch.
Kevlar t-shirt (90), nylon helmet (100), black jeans (40), Silverwear top (30), titanian bike stilettos (25), heavy pistol (80), light pistol (100), shoulder sling x2 (10), pocket comm (50), shin holster (20).
ED: 677
Dai Cybermag: p/-1/p/c/1d6+1/10/2/url
Colt 200: p/0/j/c/4d6+1/8/1/vruh
Armalite 44: p/0/j/e/4d6+1/8/1/stvh
Monoknife: melee/+1/p/p/2d6/na/na/vr
Fangs: 1d6/3


  1. Very nicely done. I can't remember - are you a professional artist for your career? Or do you at least do work for various OSR publications?

    On a completely random note... did you catch "Dark Crystal" on HDNet tonight? I thought of you since I always see your link to your Dark Crystal LL supplement.

  2. @Martin, thanks! My career is middle school math teacher. I just doodle as a hobby and would love to contribute to projects, but have only done so with my own so far.

    I did not watch DC last night. I do own it on DVD and usually get at least one viewing in a year. It holds up very well, I think.


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