Jul 25, 2011

New Adventure Module!

My 200th Post!

I'm proud to present my next fantasy module; The Cell Within. At eleven pages, it is my largest project to date. I've included three maps and several pieces of original artwork. I also want to thank David Brawley, Brent Jans, and Dennis Laffey who agreed to edit. Any errors remaining are entirely my own.

While I designed this adventure for a B/X fantasy setting, it would easily work as a Call of Cthulhu adventure by turning the main antagonist into a cultist in Germany during World War 1.

I hope you enjoy and I'd love to know what you think!

You can get the PDF free by clicking here or by looking under the "Products" tab at the top of this blog.


  1. Very cool. I look forward to reading it later. Congrats on 200 posts! Keep up the fantastic work.

  2. Very cool! I'm looking forward to checking this out.

  3. Very nice. That chair trap is extremely diabolical!

    Heh. C'mere my little players.... C'mere....

  4. Okay - I finally got a chance to read through this. Very cool! I like the little twist of having the random table of now the main NPC guy is going to act at any given time. I also like how you worked in your love of wine into the story. :)

    The artwork is also very cool. Can't believe you're giving this stuff away for free!

  5. Hey, thanks! I know it's not "professional" quality, but I just enjoy doing these things. I'd also like to think, with a little help from my editors, that I'm getting a little better over time. On to the next project!

  6. Consider grid paper...

  7. This is a great scenario to adapt as a live Murder Mystery type game/weekend! Hmmm... will let you know if I do.


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