Aug 22, 2011

Free One Page Module: The Dutch Oven (New & Improved!)

Introduction: The party finds a map leading to a marble door, set within the side of a hill. The map also include this poem:

Make your stand and choose a hand.
For those who slay will open the way.
Next pounding steel then marble seal.
And quenching heat at dragons feet.
The final test in scruples rest.

If the entire party reads it together, outloud, the door will rumble open.

The dungeon is a forge and, if completed in order (1-3-5-4), creates either a Lawful or Chaotic +3 longsword. First, the metal chosen in room 1 is heated to white-hot in room 3. Second, the sword must be forged on five anvils in room 5. Third, the sword must be magically inscribed in the column in room 5. Finally, the sword must be quenched and hardened in room 4. Only characters with the same alignment as the sword enjoy the bonus. If a character with an alignment different than the finished sword attempts to leave the dungeon, the statue in room 1 comes to life and attacks the party.

1. Stone steps descend into a rectangular chamber. A 10’ statue of a warrior dominates the center of the room. In each hand is a bar of metal, black in his left and silver in his right. Each bar is easily removed. The black bar is infused with Chaotic force; a Lawful character loses 1d4 HP each turn they are touching it. The silver bar is infused with Lawful force; a Chaotic character loses 1d4 HP each turn they are touching it. Neutral characters experience no effect with either metal bar.

2. A powerful odor of brimstone intensifies as the characters progress. Each alcove hosts a single monster statue. If any character touches a statue, that statue comes to life and immediately attacks the party. If any monsters along the North wall (a-e) are killed, the secret door to room 3 opens. If any monsters along the South wall (f-j) are killed, the secret door to room 4 opens. The monsters are: Fire Beetle(a), Giant Centipede(b), Goblin(c), Kobold(d), Orc(e), Giant Rat(f), Spitting Cobra(g), Skeleton(h), Giant Crab Spider(i), Wolf(j).

3. Stairs descend to a small room with a locked door. The air is filled with an overpowering odor of brimstone and a deep rumbling can be heard. A second set of stairs leads to a small room with an open oven along the East wall. There is a pair of iron tongs 2’ in length set to the left of the oven. If a character approaches within 3’ of the open oven, with or without the tongs, they take 1d4 damage each round. If one of the metal bars is exposed to the fire for four rounds, it will begin to glow white hot.

4. Stairs descend to a small room with a locked door. The air is filled with a powerful odor of mildew and the muted sounds of running water. A second set of stairs lead to a small room with a pool of water covered in a thin layer of mist. The pool is fed by a stream of water pouring from a marble sea dragon’s head. If a white-hot metal bar is submerged, it cracks loudly and crumbles apart under the water. If a white-hot sword is submerged, an explosion of toxic steam billows from the pool, filling the room for 5 rounds. All characters take 1d4 HP damage each round until they leave room 4. Because of the thick steam there is a 10% chance of disorientation whereby those within the room cannot successfully exit. The sword is now finished, see introduction.

5. A huge room nearly 100’ in length. A series of 5 anvils line the length of the room. If a white-hot metal bar is placed on an anvil, hammers magically appear and pound the bar into the shape of a sword. A floor to ceiling purple curtain obscures the far wall. Behind the curtain are two marble columns 3’ in height, one black and one silver. A small opening on the top of each is just large enough for a sword. If a white-hot black metal sword is sheathed in the black marble a thunderclap echoes the length of the room. When the sword is withdrawn, it has a razor sharp edge and a series of unidentifiable runes along the blade. The same occurs if a white-hot silver sword is sheathed in the silver column. If a black is sheathed in silver, or silver sheathed in black, a thunderclap sounds and molten metal explodes from the column. Each character has a 5% chance of taking 1d6 damage. The sword is forever lost.

Edited by: L. Shawn Aiken, Robert Morris, David Macauley, and Carter Soles.
Copyright Dylan Hartwell 2011


  1. There seems to be an unofficial theme developing in this year's contest of dwarf dungeons!
    I like the concept here -- metaphorically forging a sword to solve the dungeon. Good luck in the contest!


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