Aug 17, 2011

Muppet Dice

Bought Muppet Yahtzee today for the dice. It came with five, full colored six-siders. I'm not sure about the quality level, but at least the images aren't just stickers. The numbers, however, are awfully small, but, hey, it's the Muppets, so I'll make concessions.

Here's how they did the value breakdown:
4=Swedish Chef
5=Miss Piggy

Now I have a hankering to buy the Muppets Monopology game and blend these two. Players could replace the typical Monopoly dice with these Muppet dice. If you roll your character, you get a double move. If you roll an opponent character, they get a little money... or something along those lines.

I'd also like to take my old Simpsons clue boardgame and make a weird blend of Muppets Monopoly/Clue using these dice.

Ahem. As you can tell, I am a bit of a Muppets fan. Not as much as this guy, though.

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