Aug 4, 2011

New OSR T-Shirt!

Well, here I am wearing a t-shirt I made with some of my artwork and Zazzle. For fifteen bucks (and a few more for shipping) I was able to create this hot new fashion statement. It actually turned out better than I thought it would and I have to admit a certain measure of pride in its creation.

So, now I am pondering whether I will create an online store where people can buy their own. What do you think, should I?


  1. Very cool!

    (and if you haven't yet, check your email.)

  2. You should put it up at Cafe Press! I haven't ever done that myself, but from what I understand, you can sell it there and therefore save yourself the time and effort (and expense) of setting up an online store yourself.

    Cool shirt! I'm ready to buy one. :)

  3. Anonymous8:04 PM EDT

    I would love any of the following on a tshirt:
    -any frazetta or vallejo painting

    and without text, just the art from the covers of
    -first edition DMG (orange)
    -supplement 2 blackmoor

    I know they have osric shirts. I think they're ugly though.


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