Oct 16, 2011

Next Big Product!

I am proud to announce the release of my next adventure module just in time for Halloween! This is my largest online endeavor yet:  Ten pages of maps, keyed areas, random tables, and completely original art called Out Where The Buses Don't Run.  It is designed for a scary-fun game night with non-roleplayers.  It is fast, easy, fun, and challenging in the best Old-School way.

Out Where The Buses Don't Run is free.

Out Where The Buses Don't Run is a modern horror adventure perfect for a Halloween get-together.

Out Where The Buses Don't Run includes a simple rule system, but works equally well with nearly any RPG.

Whatever you do, don't go in the house!

I will also offer this adventure in Microsoft Word.  Simply be a follower and email me the request at hartwell602 at gmail dot com.  I also give any reader full permission to link the PDF below to their website and would love to see a review or two.  Any takers?

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