Nov 3, 2012

Halloween Slugs

photograph by Dylan Hartwell

I stepped onto my stoop on the way back from the OSU game tonight when I came across five or six good-sized slugs milling about my slightly rotten jack-o-lanterns. I picked one up and took it inside to give my daughter a good look. Ten minutes later the little dude was back on my porch and I was washing my hands in amazement. I guess it's been several decades since I last handled a slug, because I was amazed, not at how slimy it was, but how pervasive and persistent the sliminess was. I washed my hands in hot water a good five minutes and my fingers were still slippery.

It got me thinking about slimy creatures in D&D, namely, how rarely the slime aspect is considered. My brief encounter tonight, however, has me re-thinking it. Any character stepping into a slime trail endures a -2 to Dexterity until they spend ten minutes washing in hot water. To make it really interesting, reduce all thief skills by 10% as well.

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