Nov 27, 2012

Monday's Game: The End of an Era

... sort of.

My regular group got together to game Monday night and the GM announced that our Dark Heresy game was officially over.  This is the game in which I've played the same character for over three years!

That was too melodramatic, I apologize. 

In reality, my character isn't going anywhere.  We're simply switching some mechanics and closing out some skill advancement options as we switch over to Rogue Trader.  Thus, the brand new Digital Orc label:  "Rogue Trader"! 

The biggest change will likely be mood and type of encounters.  Where normally we get into fisticuffs with all manor of demons (Nurgles being my favorite) and other blasphemous manner of beings, we're now after aliens.  Aliens and space elves (Eldar) with which our boss (a man by the name of Graves) is somewhat obsessed.

Since this time of year is hectic for us players and since our GM needs to purchase and paint a whole new slew of miniatures (I'm not kidding, he has over one hundred Games Workshop miniatures), we're taking a month-long hiatus.  We'll come back refreshed and ready to tackle the dark warps of space after we ring in the new year.  So, my typical "Monday's Game" column will be going away, but not forever.  Expect them to return sometime mid-January.

Now I can focus even more time on writing and illustrating my D&D games.  Currently I'm working on the print edition of HORRENDOUS HEAP OF SIXTEEN CITIES.  I should have it up for sale for $3.99 tomorrow so keep an orcish bloodshot eye out for it!  Or, I suppose you could start sniffing the air, but I wouldn't recommend it!  I'm also working today on ONLY THE COLD AIR IS CLEAN, my sixth adventure module.  Thus, the brand new Digital Orc label:  "Cold Air is Clean"!

Wow, what an epid post!


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