Nov 13, 2012

Monday's Game: On Creeping Technology

I met with my friends for our regular Dark Heresy (now Rogue Trader) Monday game this week and finally got around to starting a spreadsheet version of my character.  I'm not finished converting my eleven-some pages into my Google spreadsheet document, but I've already done enough to catch some computations errors I've been making in combat.

Aside from the complexity of Dark Heresy, turning my character into a spreadsheet leads me to conceptualize tabletop D&D on a spectrum of "games".  By turning more and more to technology to perform mechanistic computations and share information, I wonder if it's not slowly creeping more towards "video game" rather than "tabletop game".  This, in turn, makes me wonder what is unique and special about D&D along this spectrum.  At what point is something critical lost, rather than gained?  Are these even valid questions?

For me, the freedom of construction is the critical element.  If a video game ever offered me an easy way to create monsters, encounters, worlds, over my own mechanical system, I'd probably switch over full-time!  Until then, I'll roll the bones.

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