Nov 12, 2012

Monstrous Monday: Rock Grubs

Rock Grubs 
Alignment: Neutral
Move: 90’ (30’)
AC: 9
HD: 2
Attacks: Bite (1d2)
Save: F1
Morale: 6
Hoard Class: None
XP: 20

Rock Grubs resemble three-foot-long caterpillars. They are commonly found in caves and mines, slowly eating the tiny amounts of fungus and moss growing on rocks. They rarely attack. A bright red pseudo-stinger several inches in length emerges from the top of their heads. The stinger does no damage but is used in a threatening bluff to scare away predators.

This monster comes from my adventure, THE BLASPHEMOUS BREWERY OF PILZ:  EXTRA STOUT EDITION.


  1. Hmm... Are they edible?

  2. Yes. Orcs have been known to use them as a palate cleanser between courses.


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