Nov 10, 2012

Stories from Shatensite: Part Eight of Ninety

The town of Shatensite and surrounding countryside exist where the line between perceived reality and nightmare dims. Those who enter, do so at their own risk to body, mind, and soul.

8.  Professor Verrukt is a necromancer who teaches at Shatensite University.  In addition to teaching a full-time schedule, he harbors a dangerous and blasphemous secret.  Overcome with grief at the death of his five year old daughter, Ubel, he resurrected her as a ghoul.  He now keeps her locked in her old bedroom within his expansive, but gloomy house.

Living near the university, he often hosts classes in his labratory basement.  Frequently he'll invite students, usually newcommers to Shatensite with few living relatives, to board at very low cost in his house.

The guest bedroom shares a wall with Ubel's room.  Often they hear inhuman whimpers, scratches, and wet ripping sounds during the night.  Eventually Verrukt opens a secret door between the rooms allowing Ubel to feed.  In the past, some curious guests have found and opened the secret door themselves, providing Ubel with a meal well before the professor had planned.

In Shatensite, as you know, very little happens according to plan.

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