Nov 15, 2012

Stories from Shatensite: Part Nine of Ninety

The town of Shatensite and surrounding countryside exist where the line between perceived reality and nightmare dims. Those who enter, do so at their own risk to body, mind, and soul.

Lehrer, a young professor of history and philosophy at Shatensite University was friends with an older professor from the same department.  The older professor has recently died, leaving Lehrer a favored clay writing tablet according to his will.

While the tablet appears ordinary, Lehrer discovers that it possesses a powerful magic ability:  Anything he writes into the soft clay becomes real.  Despite adding water after several uses, the tablet becomes less pliant after every use.  Each time, he must press more and more firmly with his stylus to impress words.  Lehrer now suspects that he can complete only one more use successfuly, but is unsure how to word his final desire.  He is even less sure what will happen afterwards.

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