Nov 6, 2012

Stories from Shatensite: Part Seven of Ninety

The town of Shatensite and surrounding countryside exist where the line between perceived reality and nightmare dims. Those who enter, do so at their own risk to body, mind, and soul.

7.  People everywhere live and die with their own foibles, hopes, dreams, and failures.  While all individuals, regardless of station and stature while living, eventually fade into oblivion, many in Shatensite do so sooner.  Details are vague, but examples are naggingly persistent:  Some people simply fade away while living.

It is a slow and demoralizing process.  A kind of spiritual rotting away.  Most choose to die by their own hand rather than slowly suffer the growing suffocating isolation.  It usually begins with a few casually known people forgetting your name.  Within days even your close friends look through you and pass by when in crowds.  Afterwards, and with considerable pain, spouses begin to ignore and then forget your presence.  They fail to set a place at the dinner table, lay in the middle of the bed at night, and share nothing.  Finally, even your own children, always the longest to remember you, fail to acknowledge your presence in any way.

You now walk through the shadowed streets of Shatensite a ghost; able to see and hear, but otherwise absent from social reality.  Eventually even these characteristics fade and you are forever gone.  All you've even been, your very existence, is forgotten.

For each encounter, roll to see if the character thus stricken is noticed.  Reduce the chance of this happening by one die number each day.  Once the number is zero, the character is forever gone.  There is likely no cure.

Author's Note:  I'm feeling depressed today.  I'm sure you can't tell by such a Pollyannic post.  The primary inspiration for Shatensite post seven is this movie and this song.

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