Dec 17, 2012

Edit Request

Anyone willing to edit a 40 page Labyrinth Lord adventure?  The working title is "Only the Cold Air is Clean", it's a one-shot adventure set in a 100 room castle.

In return for your editing services, I will provide a free PDF and print edition.  I will also provide credit on the front cover. Let me know if you prefer Word or Googledocs.   I need it back within a week's time.  You can contact me through comments on this blog, or through my email:  hartwell602 at gmail dot com.

I only need one, so please don't feel bad if I don't get your request in time.

Edit:  I now have an editor, thanks OSR!


  1. >SOB< That's what I get for taking a day off from the Blogosphere!

  2. Sorry Boric. I should have need again in a month. Also, a new product will be out soon!


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