Dec 7, 2012

Project Update: I'm Still Busy!

My regular Monday night game group is still on hiatus, planning on a heartfelt resumption after the new year.  At that point, we will be playing full-on Rogue Trader.  I'm curious to see how the ship mechanics play out.  One of the interesting things about Rogue Trader is how spaceships have "character sheets" and ship-to-ship combat apparently plays out like person-to-person combat.  I say "apparently" because I've only skimmed my GM's Rogue Trader rule book.

I hope each of us in our five person party has a somewhat equally important "job" during ship combat, otherwise it might get a tad boring.  Somewhat analogous to netrunning during a Cyberpunk 2020 game if you get my concern.

In this absence of gaming I'm working on several projects and thought I'd briefly outline what they are and how close to completion I assess them to be at the moment.

Project 5:  Stories from Shatensite:  10% Complete.  A series of five books detailing a weird fantasy urban setting.  It will be rules light (but I use it in my Labyrinth Lord setting) and focus more on storytelling than rules and gameplay.  I will release it as both five separate PDFs and five separate booklets in print.  I expect this one will take at least another ten months.  I will, however, update each section here on the blog as I compose.  You can follow along by using my "shatensite" tag.

Project 6:  Only the Cold Air is Clean:  25% Complete.  A one-shot Labyrinth Lord adventure emphasizing encounters with monsters.  I will release it as a PDF on RPGNow for $2.99, or booklet print project with the same price plus shipping.  I expect it to be finished within two months.

Project 7:  Even Angles Need Faith:  25% Complete.  This is an old game I designed in the early nineties, hoped to edit and publish two years ago, and put on the back burner.   I recently had an epiphany about a mechanics rule change and am back to work on it.  This is a complete game system in itself, focusing on angels battling one another.  When I get this finished, I plan on releasing different supplements for different settings and adventure types, e.g., superhero, dungeon crawling, etc.  I expect this to be finished within six months.  I will likely only release it as a PDF due to size.  Price is undetermined.

Project 8:  Teach Your Kids to Game Game (not actual title):  25% Complete.  This is a simple, rules-light game system built specifically to bring both kids and non-gamers into the table-top gaming world.  It has been playtested and will include a couple of adventures.  I will sell this as both a PDF and booklet print product.  I will either sell the PDF on RPGNow or Teachers Pay Teachers, I haven't decided yet, but must bifurcate because of my exclusivity contract with RPGNow.

Note:  It may look as if I prevericate and give up on projects, but please don't think so!  If you look back over this blog's two year history you see that I have gone from zero to four publications within that time frame.  So, while I may put projects aside temporarily, it is usually to get something done.

As always, thank you Constant Reader, for you attention, time, and purchases.  All income generated from my game sales is more than reinvested back into the OSR gaming community.  If you have any comments or suggestions in regards to game production, distribution, or sales I'm all ears.


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