Dec 31, 2012

Solo Adventures

Yesterday I wrote a brief post about solo adventures in starter sets.  Last night I flipped through my copies of the 4e, Pathfinder, Mentzer, and Moldvay boxed starter sets.  After that, I reread my copy of Blizzard Pass by David Cook.  I started thinking about re-writing one of my published adventure modules as a solo play game.  At first, I thought it'd be a cool introduction for non-gamers.  The more I thought about it, the more I thought regular gamers might like it as well.

My next step is to do some research into our gaming community to see what kind of solo adventures are out there right now.  Ironically, Dave Morris posted a solo adventure on his blog, Fabled Lands just today!  So, that makes a good place to start.

Anyone with ideas, links, etc for tabletop rpg solo play examples, feel free to post comments or send me an email at hartwell602 at gmail dot com.



  1. First, check out Tunnels & Trolls, which was designed for both DM-led and Solo Play. Here are some starting links for you:

    And then gamebooks:

    And check out these Pathfinder Solos at

  2. Wow, you just did all my work for me. Now I can dive directly into goodness. Thanks!


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