Jan 31, 2013

House Rule: Unified XP Advancement

Instead of giving each race/class its own progression chart, I use the average for them all to create a uniform chart:

Graph 1:  My proposed unified table for level advancement.
 As you can see from the graph below, my proposal is closely based on the average XP requirements for all classes.

Graph 2:  The average XP needed for level advancement for all classes accordign to B/X.

XP for All Classes
0 1
2000 2
4000 3
8000 4
16000 5
32000 6
64000 7
128000 8
256000 9
384000 10
512000 11
640000 12
768000 13
896000 14
1024000 15
1152000 16
1280000 17
1408000 18
1536000 19
1664000 20


  1. I gave some thought about experience charts and reached the conclusion that the variance in having multiple charts really does not have much effect on impeding (or accelerating) leveling. So the added complexity comes with little benefit and a unified experience chart is probably a more optimum solution.
    Here is a post I did on Original D&D Advancement
    And then on Frank Mentzer version

    1. Hey, that's a cool post. I'm going through your backlog now...

  2. I'm sure some people might express concerns about game balance, but I think it's a great idea. I've never fully bought into the idea that it takes that much more experience for an elf to advance a level compared to a fighter or a magic-user.

    1. Agreed. Thanks for commenting!


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