Jan 24, 2013

New Review for Ice Lord

A monster from my adventure.

Tim over at the awesome blog Gothridge Manor has written a flattering review for my recent Labyrinth Lord adventure, Menagerie of the Ice Lord.  Tim is not only a fellow old-school blogger, but he also puts together excellent adventures himself.  Even if you're not interested in my own publications, I still recommend swinging by his blog for a visit.  There's a lot of good stuff going on there.

Aside from a brief flurry of spending on the new old-school D&D PDF re-releases over at RPGNow, things are fairly quiet on the Digital Orc front.  I like to relax a few weeks after the stressors of editing, layout, and self-imposed deadlines that accompany my self-published adventures.

However.  I have settled on my next publication seed.  It's a little different than my previous work.  I'd like to think that all of my products (there are five so far) are each unique.  This current project is my first attempt at publishing a high level adventure.  Being such, it's turning out a little gonzo.  I'm having a bit of difficulty reconciling realism within my world and the extreme abilities of the inhabiting monsters.  I suppose that's were my feeling of gonzo is derived.

Anyway, I'm brainstorming my next adventure.  I will probably have a workable rough draft in one or two months.  After that, I tend to complete the drafting, editing, and illustrations fairly quickly.  The label for this not-yet-titled adventure is "verloren" if you'd like to follow along with its development.

One last thing:  I'd like to remind you, Constant Reader, that even though I charge for my adventures ($2.99 for PDF and $3.99 for print), it is not out of a glutonous greed.  All of the money I earn through self-publication is promptly reinvested in similar endeavors from other self-publishers in our little neck 'o the blogosphere.  That said, I hope you come back based on my quality... granted you find some.  Quality is awefully hard to come by these days.

Cheers, and thanks Tim!

P.S. Tim's snowfall blog is PERFECT for a Menagerie ad!


  1. I have no control over my snow. My wife is the HTML person so I am held prisoner by my lack of knowledge. ha

    Good luck with the Menagerie. When I run it I'll make sure I do a play post.

    1. Sounds good. I wonder if there is a way to get dripping blood. That would be cool.

    2. The snow was fun. Tim asked me to find him fireballs, but dripping blood would be groovy as well.

    3. I found the HTML and got the footer part right (as you can see by scrolling down) but my header isn't working.

      Back to coding...

    4. I don't see it at the bottom. Did you find fireballs or dripping blood?

    5. Weird... I saw snow there this morning. I swear I did.

      Dang. I'm going to investigate HTML after I put my daughter to sleep tonight.

    6. I have it: Tim and Ivy are gaslighting us all. They're trying to drive us crazy so that they can be declared guardians over our blogs and intellectual property on their way to rule the world.

      OK. Let's not kid ourselves. I have no IP and my blog doesn't compare...in my case they probably think that I have jewels hidden in a painting in my attic.

      Shhh. Let me believe that. Let me have that one fantasy, OK?

  2. How weird. Late this fall my party was in a position where one of the looming adventure possibilities was a mountaintop mansion with a scattered menagerie (which one of the escaped monsters, a hieracosphinx, would clue them in to). The mansion was inhabited by an elf lord, but otherwise, your module would have been a perfect fit. Hey, maybe I'll buy it anyway just in case they return to that neck of the woods...

    1. That is weird. I swear I wasn't eavesdropping!


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