Oct 22, 2013

New Product Available in PDF!

Just in time for Halloween!

My next Labyrinth Lord adventure is available for purchase in PDF format at www.rpgnow.com.

32 Pages
7 Dungeon Maps
8 Boss Encounters
Lots of Original & Traditional Monsters
Lots of Illustrations

Please Note:  I plan on selling print versions of this game.  I'm dropping the files off to my printer tomorrow and should have print copies available for sale for $4.99 before Halloween and hopefully before the end of this week.  So, if you're the player that prefers a print copy, please wait a few days and check back in.  Thanks!  

If you're a proud member of the OSR, you can use the image above if you'd like to mention this adventure on your blog.  I'd really appreciate all the help I could get in getting the word out.  Again, thanks!

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